Your Views and Questions

Dear Patient,

The Town Surgery would like to seek your views and questions about a proposal to change into a limited company. This change will not in any way affect the way the Surgery is run, it services or staff but rather improve and enhance services. Currently the Practice runs as a partnership between Dr Alexander Theivendra, Dr Muttiah Theivendra and Dr Andrew Dharman. The proposal is for them to still lead and run the Surgery, however this would be in limited company capacity rather than in partnership.

The important thing you need to know as a patient is that the care you receive will stay the same. You will still be able to see the same health care professionals e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Physician Associates, Pharmacists and Paramedics. We will still be open for the same hours and the appointment booking system will continue as it is with a mixture of telephone consultations, online consultations, and face to face appointments. This change will not occur until we seek your views, and the request is approved at the North Central London (NCL) Primary Care Commissioning Committee Meeting in February 2022.

How will it affect patients?
We will continue to put our patients at the heart of everything that we do. We will continue to offer the same high standard of care and in time we hope to improve our services further and expand the type of services we can provide our patient with.

  • All the clinicians, reception staff and administrators will remain at the practice to support you
  • We will continue to provide the same level of GP access and opening times with view to increase this in the future.
  • We will be seeking to expand access to more allied health professionals (AHP) such as Paramedic, Pharmacist, Physician Associates.
  • This will help future proof the Practice to allow providing the services it does.
  • The practice boundary will stay the same
  • The practice will continue to deliver care at the same vicinity.
  • We will continue to provide a range of appointment types provided by our GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, physician associates and paramedics.
  • We will continue to offer the core GP services, as well as specialist services such as coil removals, weight management and long-term condition reviews
  • In time, with the experience and resources we hope to expand our practice offer and develop new services to maximise patient care.

Why are we doing this?
We have been looking at ways that we can ensure the long-term stability of the
practice. We believe that by making this change we will be able to continue to provide
a high level of patient centred care for our patient population going forward.

What next:
We hope this information has reassured you that this proposal will be beneficial for The Town Surgery, patients, and staff. However, if you have any further questions, then we are happy to discuss this with you. You can call the through to the Practice until 18th February 2022:

Phone number: 020 3092 1662
Times available: Mondays- Fridays 11.30- 14.00

You can also email us with any queries on

Kind regards,

Yours Sincerely

Dr M Theivendra GP Partner MBBS (CEY) LRCP LRCS (Non-Clinical)

Dr A Theivendra GP Partner MBBS MRCGP