Meet the Team

Our Doctors

Dr M Theivendra – (Male)

GP Partner MBBS (CEY) LRCP LRCS (Non-Clinical)

Dr A Theivendra – (Male)

GP Partner MBBS(Lon) MRCGP 

Dr S Shukla– (Female)


Our Nursing Team

Kristiina Maattala-Bassin 
RGN (Female)

Our Healthcare Team

Joseph Paltzoglou– (Male)
Clinical Pharmacist MPharm (Hons)

Alexandros Nicola – (Male)
Clinical Pharmacist (Hons)

Francis Poh – (Male)
Clinical Pharmacist MPharm (Hons)

Mala Tailor – (Female)
Health and Social Care Coordinator

Our Management Team

Miss Vinthiya Sritharan 
BSc (Hons) MSc

Our Receptionists and Admin Team

Mrs Meenaz Moledina

Miss Amy Cheng

Mrs Printha Jeganathan

Miss Ewa Szemplinska